The German Champs as a springboard for the World Champs
  • 24.10.2016

The national German championships in Moers turned out to be a final springboard for the Indoor Cycling World Championships in Stuttgart. And they once again followed their very own rules. Athletes that had missed out on a World Championships ticket performed out of their skins and nerves got the better of experienced competitors. All in all, the national championships have shown that the German indoor cyclists can plan for the highlight in Stuttgart with confidence.

National coach Jürgen King watched a cycle-ball tournament of the highest class – with the winners coming from the RMC Stein club. Having already booked their ticket for Stuttgart, the pairing overcame their long-term rivals from Obernfeld – after extra time – to claim their first national championship.

In the single women, Milena Slupina (21) surprisingly donned on the champion’s jersey after a top class competition where there were only minimal differences in the scores. The two World Championships competitors Lisa Hattemer (24) and Viola Brand (22) both experienced ups and downs when coming second and fourth respectively.

The open class is the terrain of André and Bendikt Bugner. The perfectionists and world champions from Klein-Winternheim secured their fourth German championship but had to fight harder than usual. “It was our toughest championship,” was their first reaction. The young duo of Max Hanselmann and Serafin Schefold from RV Öhringen will accompany the champions to the World Championships.

In the women’s pairs, the Thürmer sisters have continued their impressive series and are seen as being the top favourites for the UCI titles. Whilst the two Bavarian single men sparked a white and blue sea of flags, rookie Lukas Kohl produced an upset when beating the reigning world champion Michael Niedermeier.

Following the final nomination made by the Bundes Deutscher Radfahrer’s (BDR- the German Cycling Association) indoor cycling commission is the Cycle-ball World Cup, a training camp and the Nations Cup so that the clock is ticking down for Stuttgart (2 to 4 December). In the sold-out Moerser Halle, the posters all pointed the way to the championships in the Porsche-Arena – a home World Championships is the ultimate for the selected athletes. André Bugner has already got goose bumps saying, “Terrific when 6000 people are rooting for you.”